more on that impending move to paris…

tumblr_mxs5sg46mg1rhf703o1_400For a variety of reasons, my previous attempts to get to Paris were always struck down. My college had the world’s dumbest study abroad office; I was always broke; My French is inscrutable; etc.

Plus, as a person with a solidly working class background and a mountain of debt that is completely incongruent with the limited level of education I’ve attained, I never felt that I had the upper class wiggle room to go off, explore and potentially fail.

But, in the back of my mind, “must move to Paris and fall in love and speak perfect French” was always somewhere on the life to-do list.

read my essay “I got laid off, so obviously I responded by booking a ticket to paris,” on

6 thoughts on “more on that impending move to paris…

  1. Hi Whitney, I know we’ve never met, but I am in awe of you! Travel grows you, becoming an expat takes it to whole other level. I love traveling and can’t wait to live a part of my life in another country. Watch out for the grifters around the museums!

  2. I just read your essay at and loved it. Good luck in Paris!

    Also, Eat Pray Love is a much better book than movie, if you need reading material for the plane 🙂

    (apologies if you have moderated comments or something and get about ten of these. On my end, it looks like WordPress is just giving me a hard time.)

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