the massive life update you’ve been waiting for (or, not)

I started 2014 with a goal. A very well-intentioned vow to update this piece of the Web on a regular basis for at least a year. We’ve got approximately 100 days left in the year, and I’ve failed miserably. I wish I had an answer for my sudden life-shyness, but I don’t. After leaving Paris, I really, really, really, really meant to keep updating here and a week turned into a month which turned into two months and spring turned into summer and into fall.

So, here we are, in September. Here I am, in my home region of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I’d be a bald-faced lie (whatever that means) if I said I didn’t miss daily baguettes and stinky cheeses and even the daily corrections to my French pronunciation from cab drivers. But, I’m so happy to be home. Like, unbelievably happy.

Of course, there was that stop in the Dominican Republic, too. Enough stalling, this is what I’ve been up to:

photo 3
the view from the hostel in Bavaro, Dominican Republic—so lush!
photo 2
don’t leave the Dominican Republic without a taste of local beer. Presidente isn’t anything special in flavor, but it’s an island must.
photo 4
playa de los corales, the site of approximately 116 mosquito/random bug bites.


photo 5
it’s me!

photo 1

photo 3(1)
being abroad made me want to explore more stateside and I was happy to finally do the tourist-y stuff in philly, one of my absolute favorite cities, this summer.
photo 4(1)
your eyes aren’t deceiving you—that is the exact same forever 21 jumper and sheer top. this time, I was at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth for (free) first Sundays. The perks of being from a city with world-class museums are endless, y’all.
photo 1(1)
I’ve gone on and on about the cuisine of other places. let me tell you something about mine—fried green tomatoes. they are delicious and you should try them if you’re ever in one of the fried food capitals—aka any city in any state that seceded from the Union.
photo 5(1)
last because it’s the best—I recently got to see one of my favorite people in the universe get engaged to her lady love in washington, dc.

so, what did you all do over the summer?

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