the cure for the common case of wanderlust

guys. i mean. guys. really. need.
guys. i mean. guys. really. need.

can you believe it’s been more than a year since I touched (back) down in the States? while I was initially more thrilled than you’ll ever know to be re-introduced to central air conditioning, my own vehicle, decent barbecue and the music of the english language, I am, shall we say, less enthused about living domestically these days.

in other words, I need to get out! bad! it’s like a persistent itch I scratched once and have spent the last 12 months trying to ignore. it’s wanderlust. total, complete, inconsolable wanderlust.

I’m resisting the urge to book a one-way flight to australia and sort the rest out later, but only just. what’s helping me get through it? a set of beautiful, awe-inspiring travel blogs that manage to temporarily satiate my travel blues and get me excited for the next go-’round.

1. local wanderer. guys. y’all. folks. can we talk about how light-filled and inspirational this site is? I mean, really. these two, 20-something canadian gals gallivant across north america (west coast, mainly) to root out the coolest, most loved by locals haunts, delivering amazing snaps along the way. because of them, I want nothing more than to make my way down the pacific ocean, from canada to mexico, chugging beer and communing with bearded locals along the way. if only.

2. pixel trade. one would expect only the best from a professional photographer, but still. shantanu managed to put a whole new twist on the barter system, organizing travel costs and lodging in exchange for taking beautiful photos for weddings, small businesses and just about anyone else who wants to put him up for a few days. in more than three years, he’s been everywhere from new york city (snapping for square space, no less) to melbourne to lisbon. need. his. life. now.

3. tatiana in flux. speaking of needing someone else’s life, I’ll take tatiana’s life over mine right now in half-a-heartbeat. an american living, loving and learning in germany, what I love about her blog is its great window into truly living abroad—like, really, really, living—as opposed to visiting or even extending visiting. as my ultimate goal is to find a locale that’s suitable for me to pop a squat and stay a few years, I love reading about how she navigates everyday challenges abroad while also chronicling her big adventures and travels.

4. pineapple life. so, this is cheating a little. nikesha is based in austin—which is an approximately three-hour drive down I-35 for me. not exactly “travel,” but super-interesting and aspirational nonetheless. she’s a lifestyle blogger turned young, infinitely cool domestic goddess (á la a certain martha we all know and still love) and the way she puts together her life gives me inspiration for the cool copenhagen or melbourne-based home of my future.

One thought on “the cure for the common case of wanderlust

  1. Aww!!! Thank you! I love reading about your adventures (foreign and domestic), too. And now I have some new blogs to read. 🙂

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