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“content is king,” as they say, and whether it’s pithy, feminist blog posts that get noticed by leading women’s websites like jezebel.com and salon.com; deeply reported pieces on local reproductive health resources; profiles on programs to encourage high school girls to engage in technology or an engaging social media strategy, it’s what I do best.

(check out my resume.) (see some of my portfolio.)

creative, professional and flexible, my freelance clients have included national magazines like essence, heart and soul and sister 2 sister, along with a handful of local publications in dallas and washington, dc. once, I wrote about playing pool for Southwest Airlines’ in-flight magazine, the name of which currently escapes me. online, I’ve written for everyone—tons of women’s websites, including change.org, clutch and xojane, huffington post black voices and a lot of aol blogs that don’t exist anymore, like lemondrop and spinner.

here’s what other people say about me:

Whitney is a great reporter, outstanding writer and all around talented journalist whose forte is coming up with sophisticated and clever presentations of material in a timely and accurate manner. She is everything you would want in an online journalist – quick, accurate, careful, clever and insightful. She is good with data, maps, widgets and other digital approaches as well.

Danna Walker, Senior Regional Editor, Patch.com

I think the Internet is just in Whitney’s brain.

She presents data in novel ways that not only have a great voice but also serve a purpose.

She is a digital native and it shows in the seamless ways she curates social media, widgets, photos and original reporting to create a compelling – and fun – online news experience.

Brandie Jefferson, Former Senior Field Editor, Patch.com

When I first worked with Whitney, I was her editor and she was a freelance food writer for Sister 2 Sister magazine. I was immediately impressed by her ability to translate onto paper the sensual appeal of food — its tastes, textures and aromas — and by her knack for weaving entertaining anecdotes into stories about different dishes. Needless to say, we soon welcomed her on-board full time. I served as Whitney’s direct supervisor when she was assistant editor, and we worked across platforms, writing and editing for the website and magazine. Whitney proved herself to be whip-smart, insatiably curious and a master of descriptive language who is well able to produce content for digital and print mediums.

Ericka Boston, Former Senior Editor, sister 2 sister magazine


I hired Whitney as a social justice blogger to chronicle the journey of a team of students and community members doing relief work in New Orleans. She was creative and task-oriented, creating the blog design and initial posts pre-trip to assist in fundraising efforts. On the ground, she easily connected to nonprofit staff members, school administrators, community members, college students and faculty to include their input and interviews on the site. I recommend Whitney to anyone looking for a superior blogger and editor.

Melissa Johnson Smith, Office of Youth Engagement, District of Columbia Public Schools

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