what being a baby must feel like

here’s the thing—there are a ton of words in any language. take english for example. how many words do we have to describe the item of clothing that covers your bottom half—pants, slacks, jeans, bottoms, shorts, culottes, whatever. and that’s not including all the slang terms or weird combination words. therefore, a non-native speaker of any language is constantly confronted with words they don’t know. obviously. but, not really that obvious. having never spent this much time in a place where english is not the dominant language, I have been shocked to see how slowly progress comes when trying to … Continue reading what being a baby must feel like

how my iPhone is saving my life in paris

so, everyone keeps asking me if I speak French. before I left for Paris, the biggest question was, “do you speak French?” the answer is simple and complicated. no, I don’t speak French. yes, I studied French and I know a decent amount of French. the thing is, French is incomprehensible if your accent is off. like, in English, someone can say “what is your name” and even if they have an accent, a deep, deep accent from some place that does not speak English, you will probably know what they’re saying. French is not that way. it’s not as … Continue reading how my iPhone is saving my life in paris