what being a baby must feel like

here’s the thing—there are a ton of words in any language. take english for example. how many words do we have to describe the item of clothing that covers your bottom half—pants, slacks, jeans, bottoms, shorts, culottes, whatever. and that’s not including all the slang terms or weird combination words. therefore, a non-native speaker of any language is constantly confronted with words they don’t know. obviously. but, not really that obvious. having never spent this much time in a place where english is not the dominant language, I have been shocked to see how slowly progress comes when trying to … Continue reading what being a baby must feel like

who are you when no one knows you’re smart?

I had the pleasure of having the best three-hour lunch last weekend with a really smart woman from Australia who’s recently landed in Paris wherein I talked and talked and talked and talked. I talked so much that at some point I noticed my throat was getting sore and that I might get hoarse if the conversation continued for much longer. the topics were some of my favorites: privilege of all kinds, systemic inequities, federal mandates for maternity leave, immigration, cake, family, how interesting it is that some people want to see different parts of the world and others are perfectly … Continue reading who are you when no one knows you’re smart?