prague+berlin, part un

I’ve been gone for a while, both from this blog and from paris. Since my homestay situation ended a few weeks ago, I’ve hit the road to discover parts of europe that I hadn’t previously experienced. the plan was to really dig into central europe: budapest, prague, maybe vienna, then berlin. I am unashamed to admit that I was mainly inspired by wes anderson’s film, the grand budapest hotel, which is so cute and funny and made me want to see central europe. another reason was a roommate of mine at an amsterdam hostel who said that I really shouldn’t … Continue reading prague+berlin, part un

who are you when no one knows you’re smart?

I had the pleasure of having the best three-hour lunch last weekend with a really smart woman from Australia who’s recently landed in Paris wherein I talked and talked and talked and talked. I talked so much that at some point I noticed my throat was getting sore and that I might get hoarse if the conversation continued for much longer. the topics were some of my favorites: privilege of all kinds, systemic inequities, federal mandates for maternity leave, immigration, cake, family, how interesting it is that some people want to see different parts of the world and others are perfectly … Continue reading who are you when no one knows you’re smart?