<—- I’m whitney—recovering journalist, world traveler, frozen yogurt aficionado, public radio fiend and no fan of capitalization—basically, your typical millennial dreamer. Earlier this year, I took a break from adult life to jaunt across continents and venture into bilingualism, to mixed results (read the archives for spoilers).

in my former life, I lived in washington, dc where I wrote about everything from reproductive health resources to rachel jeantel as a reporter, editor and blogger. I am fiercely passionate about advocacy for women and girls, working as a volunteer for a local rape crisis center, hips, girls rock dc and as a volunteer facilitator for fem*exDC‘s youth program. previously, I worked as a writer and editor for the black women’s health imperative, the only organization solely devoted to the health and wellness of black women and girls.

I have blogged since 2006. see my other, older blog.

connect with me on everything: facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr + linkedin.

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